BQ - Consulting aims to provide economic, cultural and educational consulting services to Finnish governmental and non-governmental organizations on issues concerning the Middle East.

BQ- Consulting seeks to generate a significant increase in the business cooperation between Finland and the Middle East.



BQ - Consulting offers companies, government organizations (GO), non-governmental organizations (NGO), and non-profit institutions (NPI) reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective consulting services for various purposes.

Our services include business development, market development, market intelligence, industrial sectors analysis, and educational services, as well as sales assistance for Finnish companies in the Middle East markets.


There are two keys to success that BQ-Consulting is focused on. These are broadly characterized as Internal and External Factors, and are explained in the following two sections:

A) Internal Factors

1. Selling and Marketing Power
2. Key management team
3. Excellence in fulfilling the promise
4. Developing visibility to generate new business leads.

B) External Factors

The Middle East Region is now living in an interesting era: the process of change from the "old economy" to the "global new economy" brings a tremendous development growth of e-commerce, mobility of capital, and liberalization to the region. Since the new  global  economy brings new economics, new market structures, new industry structures, and new company structures, the profile of customers has also changed. Customers have evolved from "solution demander" to "value demander" and from "clients" to "business partners".

BQ - Consulting is proactively focused on establishing relationships with multiple digital contents, companies, government institutions, regional (provincial) government offices, NGOs, and individual customers as its prospective business partners.



BQ -Consulting is an e-business-based market development consulting company specializing in the marketing of a comprehensive set of integrated professional services that provide our customers with high-quality consulting services for business development, market development, market intelligence, industrial sectors analysis, and educational services.

BQ - Consulting has a unique offering of services that appeal to a large customer base. The company will concentrate on medium-sized companies because they provide the maximum profit potential. The following sections outline key information regarding the target markets.  Within its niche, BQ - Consulting does not have any competitors, but rather has "prospective business partners." This is because the company provides its clients with solutions as well as value creations.


The groups of potential customers for BQ - Consulting are:

1. Medium-sized Companies

2. Regional (Provincial) Government Offices

3. Non-profit institution 


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